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About Urban Goddess

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Recyling at Urban Goddess

At Urban Goddess we make all our yoga wear with respect for people and the environment. Therefore, what happens to your clothes after you are done with it is also very important to us. Urban Goddess started a collaboration with the Salvation Army. Thanks to the Salvation Army we can offer you an option to send in your old Urban Goddess yoga wear items or bring them by in our Amsterdam office. We make sure that the clothing that can still be worn will get awesome, new owners through the Salvation Army. Clothing that cannot be worn anymore will be recycled by the Salvation Army to create new fabrics to make new products. 

The production of Urban Goddess yoga wear

Urban Goddess makes all of it's yoga wear with the well-being of people and the environment. Therefore we want a fair and organic production of our products. We work with several factories in Europe and Asia. Each company works with these ethic standards.

Biological Production of Urban Goddess Yoga wear

Only organic fabrics

We only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) fabrics to produce our yoga wear. Unless clearly indicated otherwise, for instance with technical fabrics that require another fabric mix.

GOTS guarantees that the fabrics are made with no hazard to people, including good working conditions for the workers and a definite no to child labor. But GOTS certification also means that during production our partners are mindful of their waste and pollution and are not wasteful with energy. There are protocols in place that ensure a sensible environmental management system.

We personally visit most of the factories that we work with or have our agents visit them for us. This way we can be sure of all of the conditions during our production process.

How is your Urban Goddes yoga wear made?

All our clothes are made especially for us so we can guarantee that we always use organic cotton and that all companies comply with the ethical principles. Each step of the production process is explained in the following infographic.