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The Green Panda Story

Hi, I'm Sammie and my big dream was to one day run my own fashion business.  After 20 years of working in the corporate world, in 2018 I took the brave step to leave and live that dream.  I have been incredibly lucky to combine 3 of my biggest passions -  yoga, fashion and being eco-friendly and so Green Panda was born!

I've been a yogist for many years and as I've got older it has become more important to my daily life.  I love the way yoga makes my body feel and the connection with my mind through meditation.    

Yoga has also strengthened my belief that we should try and live our best life and bring mindfulness not only to our internal existence but also our external world.  We are increasingly seeing the damage that's being inflicted on our planet and we have to make changes now to protect it.   This is why I set up Green Panda as an ethical yoga wear store.

Now to be truly ethical we should all go naked,  however as this is not always appropriate, the next best thing is to make sure the clothes we wear are minimising the harm to our planet.   Whether it's the materials used or the environment in which they are made.

Like many of you I have a busy life juggling family, friends and work and I'm always on the lookout for easy, convenient ways to be more eco-friendly.  The purpose behind Green Panda is to make it super easy to buy ethical yoga and gym wear.  That's why I'm committed to only ever selling clothes that genuinely support the environment.  To find out more about each of the individual brands please check out the 'Our Brands Ethical Story' section.  

And here at Green Panda it's not only the clothes we care about, we ensure that everything we do is as 'green' as possible.  We minimise the amount of resources used by ensuring all our packing is recyclable and made from recycled materials.  We don't include any unnecessary leaflets and those included are made from recycled paper or from managed sources.

We do all this so that we know we're doing our bit to help protect our beautiful planet. 

Sammie X